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Psalm 101


[Recommended tunes: York, Moravia, Wigtown]



A Psalm of David.


1I mercy will and judgment sing,

Lord, I will sing to thee.

2With wisdom in a perfect way

shall my behaviour be.

O when, in kindness unto me,

wilt thou be pleas'd to come?

I with a perfect heart will walk

within my house at home.


3I will endure no wicked thing

before mine eyes to be:

I hate their work that turn aside,

it shall not cleave to me.

4A stubborn and a froward heart

depart quite from me shall;

A person giv'n to wickedness

I will not know at all.


5I'll cut him off that slandereth

his neighbour privily:

The haughty heart I will not bear,

nor him that looketh high.

6Upon the faithful of the land

mine eyes shall be, that they

May dwell with me: he shall me serve

that walks in perfect way.


7Who of deceit a worker is

in my house shall not dwell;

And in my presence shall he not

remain that lies doth tell.

8Yea, all the wicked of the land

early destroy will I;

All from God's city to cut off

that work iniquity.


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