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        Believing in Christ



Martin Luther

On the fourth petition in Lordís Prayer: Give us this day our daily bread  


Bernard and the One Thing Needful



Patrick Hamilton

On Faith  



John Davidson

On Faith


On Fullness of Salvation



David Dickson

Commentary on Psalm 85



Samuel Rutherford

Boldness of Faith



John Owen

The Gospel Offer  



William Guthrie

The Christianís Great Interest  


True Saving Faith Described



John Flavel

The effectual Application of Christ to the soul



Walter Marshall

The Gospel Mystery of Sanctification



Westminster Assembly of Divines

Of Saving Faith (Confession of Faith, chapter 14)


Larger Catechism, questions 72, 73


Shorter Catechism, question 86



Robert Traill   

Believing in Christ



Thomas Boston

Sinners instated in the covenant by faith or believing



Ebenezer Erskine

The Difference between Faith and Sense


The Assurance of Faith



Jonathan Edwards

A Treatise Concerning Religious Affections



Thomas Dove

Thomas Dove's Letter to the Tasmanian Presbyterian Magazine



David Brown

The Thief on the Cross



Robert Murray McCheyne

Holding Christ Fast


Christ the Apostle and High Priest


What Does it Mean to Be Saved?



Hugh Martin

Jonah's Prayer: The Conflict of Faith and Sense