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  Doctrinal Articles



Martin Luther

The Sovereignty of God  


On Good Works



John Knox

A Summary of John Knox's Doctrine



John Calvin

How to use the present life, and the comforts in it  


On the Gospel Offer



David Dickson

Commentary on Psalm 1


Commentary on Psalm 45  


Commentary on Psalm 85


On ceremonial use of musical instruments


On the music in Psalm 150



William Greenhill

Forgiveness of Sins (Ezekiel 16:9)



Thomas Goodwin

The Covenant Seed  



John Owen

The filth of sin purged by the Spirit and blood of Christ


Infant Baptism

Of Dipping (in baptism)


Of Marrying after Divorce in Case of Adultery


Evangelical Love, Church Peace, and Unity  




William Guthrie

True Saving Faith Described



John Flavel

Infant Baptism and the Covenant of Grace


Of the Sabbath (part 1)


Of the Sabbath (part 2)



Walter Marshall

The Gospel Mystery of Sanctification



Westminster Assembly of Divines

Summary of Bible Teaching



Thomas Boston

Christ the Kinsman-redeemer in the Covenant


God alone created the World


Inferences from the conditionary part of the Covenant


Sinners of Mankind the Object of the Administration of the Covenant


Sinners instated in the covenant by faith or believing


The Promise of Perseverance in Grace


The Promise of Temporal [Material] Benefits


The Covenant of Works and the Covenant of Grace delivered on Mount Sinai








Matthew Henry

Singing the Praises of God in Worship  



Ebenezer Erskine

The Difference between Faith and Sense


The Assurance of Faith

Good Works


Robert Gordon

Towards Millennial Blessings



David Brown

The Thief on the Cross



Thomas Dove

Thomas Dove's Letter to the Tasmanian Presbyterian Magazine



Hugh Martin

Jonah's Prayer: The Conflict of Faith and Sense


The Body of Sin Destroyed