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         Stories of Faithful Christians  



Polycarp of Smyrna

The martyrdom of Polycarp and others in the fifth persecution 



Patrick of Ireland (St Patrick)

The Conversion and Preaching of Patrick in Ireland



William Farell

The story of the Reformer William Farell



Patrick Hamilton

The Martyrdom of Patrick Hamilton



France in the Time of Calvin

French Preachers Forced to Stay Home



John Craig

Dangers and Deliverances in Italy


John Welch  

John Welch and the Friar in France



John Bunyan

Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners



Thomas Mayhew

His preaching to the American Indians of Marthaís Vineyard (17th cent)



Thomas Mayhew (Senior)

The father of Rev. Thomas Mayhew (above) and Governor of Marthaís Vineyard; also the stories of his son and grandson, both missionaries to the Indians




The first Christian Indian, and Minister in the island of Marthaís Vineyard



John Flavel

Life of the late Rev. Mr. John Flavel



James Hogg




The Dying Woman

Mr Hart and the Dying Woman



George Whitefield

George Whitefield comes to Middletown