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          John Brown of Haddington



John Brown (1722-1787) was raised in extreme poverty, but his herdsman father was a godly man who led the family in worship morning and evening. He died when John was eleven, and his dear mother followed soon after, leaving the youth to earn his living as a shepherd in the hills around Abernethy, Scotland. From an early age he gave evidence of the work of Christ in him, and also of prodigious academic abilities to the disbelief of many, he taught himself New Testament Greek while in the fields with his flock. Having sought righteousness by the works of the law, he at length received and grew in the knowledge of God's grace, and as a good soldier of Jesus Christ was enabled to endure many early hardships and persecutions. He eventually became renowned as a pastor – though in a small Presbyterian denomination – and for his literary works such as the Self-Interpreting Bible and his devotional notes on the Metrical Psalms.



Reflections on Ruth


John Brown's final letter to his flock