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          The Church



Clement of Rome

Clement’s letter to the Corinthians



Patrick of Ireland (St Patrick)

The Conversion and Preaching of Patrick in Ireland



William Farell

The story of the Reformer William Farell



France in the Time of Calvin

French Preachers Forced to Stay Home



Samuel Rutherford

Letter to the parishioners of Anwoth



Thomas Goodwin

The Covenant Seed



Thomas Mayhew

His preaching to the American Indians of Martha’s Vineyard (17th cent)  



John Owen

Evangelical Love, Church Peace, and Unity  


Of Schism



John Flavel

How to Support the Heart under Zion's Troubles



Westminster Assembly of Divines

Of the Church (Confession of Faith, chapter 25)


Larger Catechism, questions 62-65



Ebenezer Erskine   

Excellency of the Christian Religion  


God's Little Remnant Keeping their Garments Clean in an Evil Day



John Brown of Haddington

John Brown’s final letter to his flock



William Cunningham

Leaders of the Reformation



William Burns

Letter to the Highlanders of Perthshire



Charles Spurgeon

Jerusalem's Broad Wall