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          Spiritual Consolation



Martin Luther

Bernard and the One Thing Needful



Patrick Hamilton

On Faith



Richard Sibbes

How to recover sweet familiarity with God after a fall



David Dickson

Commentary on Psalm 85



William Greenhill

Forgiveness of Sins (Ezekiel 16:9)



John Owen

To a Roman Catholic - what to plead at death


God the Saints' Rock



John Bunyan

Esan tha shios cha'n ion da fiamh (Gaelic translation of Bunyan's poem)



Westminster Assembly of Divines

Of the Perseverance of the Saints (Confession of Faith, chapter 17)



Ebenezer Erskine 

I am the Lord thy God



Lachlan Mackenzie

The Happy Man



John Brown of Edinburgh

God's Pruning-knife



Robert Murray McCheyne 

Poem on Seeking God


Poem on God's Chastisement & Healing


Christ and the Believer



Hugh Martin

The Body of Sin Destroyed



Charles Spurgeon

The Blood of the Lamb the Conquering Weapon


Godís Promises