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        About the Covenant of Grace



Samuel Rutherford

Christ called the Son of David



Thomas Goodwin

The Covenant Seed



Stephen Charnock

Christ the Mediator



Westminster Assembly of Divines

Of God's Covenant with Man (Confession of Faith, chapter 7)


Larger Catechism, questions 30-36


Shorter Catechism, question 20


The Sum of Saving Knowledge



Thomas Boston

Christ the Kinsman-redeemer in the Covenant


Inferences from the conditionary part of the Covenant


Sinners of Mankind the Object of the Administration of the Covenant


Sinners instated in the covenant by faith or believing


The Promise of Perseverance in Grace


The Promise of Temporal [Material] Benefits


The Covenant of Works and the Covenant of Grace delivered on Mount Sinai



Ebenezer Erskine   

Christ Set up from Everlasting


The Difference between Faith and Sense


Good Works


Ralph Erskine

The Difference Between Legal and Gospel Mortification




Thomas Scott

The Whole Gospel Designed to Promote Holiness

Promises and Privileges Attached to Characters

The Offence of the Cross Ceasing




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