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        John Owen


Dr Owen was a renowned Puritan minister of the Independent (Congregational) persuasion, whose profound and edifying works are published by The Banner of Truth Trust. C. H. Spurgeon in the 19th century said of John Owen, “It is unnecessary to say that he is the prince of divines. To master his works is to be a profound theologian.” He was born in 1616, in Stadham, Oxfordshire, England, and he died in 1683 in London.



Of Dipping (in baptism)


Of Marrying after Divorce in Case of Adultery


Evangelical Love, Church Peace, and Unity


The filth of sin purged by the Spirit and blood of Christ


The Gospel Offer


Infant Baptism 


Of Schism


The Purpose of Church-Communion


To a Roman Catholic - what to plead at death


On Brotherly Love


God the Saints' Rock