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from This World
to That Which is to Come


The Second Part


Delivered Under the Similitude of a Dream 

Wherein Is Set Forth the Manner of the Setting Out of 

Christian's Wife and Children, and Safe Arrival at the Desired Country




'I have used similitudes.' - Hosea 12:10



Part II



Section 1


Author's Apology for the Second Part  


Christiana and Mercy    


Slough of Despond - knocking at the gate - the Dog - talk between the Pilgrims  



Section 2


The Devil's garden - two ill-favoured ones assault them - the Reliever 


Entertainment at the Interpreter's house - the Significant Rooms 


Supper with the Interpreter



Section 3


Accompanied by Great-Heart - the Cross - justified by Christ - Sloth and his companions hung 


The hill Difficulty - the Arbour



Section 4


The Lions - Giant Grim slain by Great-Heart - the Pilgrims entertained - the children catechised by Prudence 


Mr Brisk - Matthew sick - the remedy - sights shown the Pilgrims



Section 5


Valley of Humiliation   


Valley of the Shadow of Death - Giant Maul slain



Section 6


Discourse with Old Honest - character and history of Mr. Fearing 


Mr Self-will and some professors - Gaius' house - conversation - the supper - Old Honest and Great-Heart's riddles and discourse 


Giant Slay-good killed - Mr. Feeble-mind's history - Mr. Ready-to-halt - Vanity Fair - Mr. Mnason's house - cheering entertainment and converse - a Monster



Section 7


Hill Lucre - River of Life - Giant Despair killed  


The Delectable Mountains - entertainment by the Shepherds



Section 8


Valiant-for-Truth's-Victory - his talk with Great- Heart 


The Enchanted Ground - Heedless and Too-bold - Mr. Stand-fast - Madam Bubble's temptations


The land of Beulah - Christiana summoned - her parting addresses - she passes the River - she is followed by Ready-to-halt, Feeble-mind, Despondency and his daughter, Honest, Valiant, Steadfast - Author's Farewell