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Psalm 109


[Recommended tunes: Bangor, Coleshill, Caroline]


To the chief Musician, A Psalm of David.


1O thou the God of all my praise,

do thou not hold thy peace;

2For mouths of wicked men to speak

against me do not cease:

The mouths of vile deceitful men

against me open'd be;

And with a false and lying tongue

they have accused me.


3They did beset me round about

with words of hateful spite:

And though to them no cause I gave,

against me they did fight.

4They for my love became my foes,

but I me set to pray.

5Evil for good, hatred for love,

to me they did repay.


6Set thou the wicked over him;

and upon his right hand

Give thou his greatest enemy,

ev'n Satan, leave to stand.

7And when by thee he shall be judg'd,

let him condemned be;

And let his pray'r be turn'd to sin,

when he shall call on thee.


8Few be his days, and in his room

his charge another take.

9His children let be fatherless,

his wife a widow make.

10His children let be vagabonds,

and beg continually;

And from their places desolate

seek bread for their supply.


11Let covetous extortioners

catch all he hath away:

Of all for which he labour'd hath

let strangers make a prey.

12Let there be none to pity him,

let there be none at all

That on his children fatherless

will let his mercy fall.


13Let his posterity from earth

cut off for ever be,

And in the foll'wing age their name

be blotted out by thee.

14Let God his father's wickedness

still to remembrance call;

And never let his mother's sin

be blotted out at all.


15But let them all before the Lord

appear continually,

That he may wholly from the earth

cut off their memory.

16Because he mercy minded not,

but persecuted still

The poor and needy, that he might

the broken-hearted kill.


17As he in cursing pleasure took,

so let it to him fall;

As he delighted not to bless,

so bless him not at all.

18As cursing he like clothes put on,

into his bowels so,

Like water, and into his bones,

like oil, down let it go.


19Like to the garment let it be

which doth himself array,

And for a girdle, wherewith he

is girt about alway.

20From God let this be their reward

that en'mies are to me,

And their reward that speak against

my soul maliciously.


21But do thou, for thine own name's sake,

O God the Lord, for me:

Sith good and sweet thy mercy is,

from trouble set me free.

22For I am poor and indigent,

afflicted sore am I,

My heart within me also is

wounded exceedingly.


23I pass like a declining shade,

am like the locust tost:

24My knees through fasting weaken'd are,

my flesh hath fatness lost.

25I also am a vile reproach

unto them made to be;

And they that did upon me look

did shake their heads at me.


26O do thou help and succour me,

who art my God and Lord:

And, for thy tender mercy's sake,

safety to me afford:

27That thereby they may know that this

is thy almighty hand;

And that thou, Lord, hast done the same,

they may well understand.


28Although they curse with spite, yet, Lord,

bless thou with loving voice:

Let them asham'd be when they rise;

thy servant let rejoice.

29Let thou mine adversaries all

with shame be clothed over;

And let their own confusion

them, as a mantle, cover.


30But as for me, I with my mouth

will greatly praise the Lord;

And I among the multitude

his praises will record.

31For he shall stand at his right hand

who is in poverty,

To save him from all those that would

condemn his soul to die.


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