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Psalm 113


[Recommended tunes: St Ethelreda, Irish, Bloxham, St Asaph]


1Praise God: ye servants of the Lord,

O praise, the Lord's name praise.

2Yea, blessed be the name of God

from this time forth always.

3From rising sun to where it sets,

God's name is to be prais'd.

4Above all nations God is high,

'bove heav'ns his glory rais'd.


5Unto the Lord our God that dwells

on high, who can compare?

6Himself that humbleth things to see

in heav'n and earth that are.

7He from the dust doth raise the poor,

that very low doth lie;

And from the dunghill lifts the man

oppress'd with poverty;


8That he may highly him advance,

and with the princes set;

With those that of his people are

the chief, ev'n princes great.

9The barren woman house to keep

he maketh, and to be

Of sons a mother full of joy.

Praise to the Lord give ye.

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