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Psalm 12


[Recommended tunes: Bangor, Dundee, Caroline, Coleshill]


To the chief Musician upon Sheminith, A Psalm of David.


1Help, Lord, because the godly man

doth daily fade away;

And from among the sons of men

the faithful do decay.

2Unto his neighbour ev'ry one

doth utter vanity:

They with a double heart do speak,

and lips of flattery.


3God shall cut off all flatt'ring lips,

tongues that speak proudly thus,

4We'll with our tongue prevail, our lips

are ours: who's lord o'er us?

5For poor oppress'd, and for the sighs

of needy, rise will I,

Saith God, and him in safety set

from such as him defy.


6The words of God are words most pure;

they be like silver try'd

In earthen furnace, seven times

that hath been purify'd.

7Lord, thou shalt them preserve and keep

for ever from this race.

8On each side walk the wicked, when

vile men are high in place.

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