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Psalm 122


[Recommended tunes: St Paul, Bloxham]


A Song of degrees of David.


1I joy'd when to the house of God,

Go up, they said to me.

2Jerusalem, within thy gates

our feet shall standing be.

3Jerus'lem, as a city, is

compactly built together:

4Unto that place the tribes go up,

the tribes of God go thither:


To Isr'el's testimony, there

to God's name thanks to pay.

5For thrones of judgment, ev'n the thrones

of David's house, there stay.

6Pray that Jerusalem may have

peace and felicity:

Let them that love thee and thy peace

have still prosperity.


7Therefore I wish that peace may still

within thy walls remain,

And ever may thy palaces

prosperity retain.

8Now, for my friends' and brethren's sakes,

Peace be in thee, I'll say.

9And for the house of God our Lord,

I'll seek thy good alway.



The Psalms in Metre