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Psalm 124 


First Version (C.M.)


[Recommended tunes: St Andrew, York]



A Song of degrees of David.


1Had not the Lord been on our side,

may Israel now say;

2Had not the Lord been on our side,

when men rose us to slay;

3They had us swallow'd quick, when as

their wrath 'gainst us did flame:

4Waters had cover'd us, our soul

had sunk beneath the stream.


5Then had the waters, swelling high,

over our soul made way.

6Bless'd be the Lord, who to their teeth

us gave not for a prey.

7Our soul's escaped, as a bird

out of the fowler's snare;

The snare asunder broken is,

and we escaped are.


8Our sure and all-sufficient help

is in Jehovah's name;

His name who did the heav'n create,

and who the earth did frame.



    Second Version (


[Recommended tunes: Old 124th, Durieís 124th]



1Now Israel

may say, and that truly,

If that the Lord

had not our cause maintain'd;

2If that the Lord

had not our right sustain'd,

When cruel men

against us furiously

Rose up in wrath,

to make of us their prey;


3Then certainly

they had devour'd us all,

And swallow'd quick,

for ought that we could deem;

Such was their rage,

as we might well esteem.

4And as fierce floods

before them all things drown,

So had they brought

our soul to death quite down.


5The raging streams,

with their proud swelling waves,

Had then our soul

o'erwhelmed in the deep.

6But bless'd be God,

who doth us safely keep,

And hath not giv'n

us for a living prey

Unto their teeth,

and bloody cruelty.


7Ev'n as a bird

out of the fowler's snare

Escapes away,

so is our soul set free:

Broke are their nets,

and thus escaped we.

8Therefore our help

is in the Lord's great name,

Who heav'n and earth

by his great pow'r did frame.


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