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Psalm 129


[Recommended tunes: St Anne, Hermon]


A Song of degrees.


1Oft did they vex me from my youth,

may Isr'el now declare;

2Oft did they vex me from my youth,

yet not victorious were.

3The plowers plow'd upon my back;

they long their furrows drew.

4The righteous Lord did cut the cords

of the ungodly crew.


5Let Sion's haters all be turn'd

back with confusion.

6As grass on houses' tops be they,

which fades ere it be grown:

7Whereof enough to fill his hand

the mower cannot find;

Nor can the man his bosom fill,

whose work is sheaves to bind.


8Neither say they who do go by,

God's blessing on you rest:

We in the name of God the Lord

do wish you to be blest.



The Psalms in Metre