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Psalm 138


[Recommended tunes: Winchester, Lancaster, Stockton, St Asaph]


A Psalm of David.


1Thee will I praise with all my heart,

I will sing praise to thee

2Before the gods: And worship will

toward thy sanctuary.

I'll praise thy name, ev'n for thy truth,

and kindness of thy love;

For thou thy word hast magnify'd

all thy great name above.


3Thou didst me answer in the day

when I to thee did cry;

And thou my fainting soul with strength

didst strengthen inwardly.

4All kings upon the earth that are

shall give thee praise, O Lord,

When as they from thy mouth shall hear

thy true and faithful word.


5Yea, in the righteous ways of God

with gladness they shall sing:

For great's the glory of the Lord;

who doth for ever reign.

6Though God be high, yet he respects

all those that lowly be;

Whereas the proud and lofty ones

afar off knoweth he.


7Though I in midst of trouble walk,

I life from thee shall have:

'Gainst my foes' wrath thou'lt stretch thine hand;

thy right hand shall me save.

8Surely that which concerneth me

the Lord will perfect make:

Lord, still thy mercy lasts; do not

thine own hands' works forsake.



The Psalms in Metre