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Psalm 142


[Recommended tunes: Walsall, Coleshill]


Maschil of David; A Prayer when he was in the cave.  


1I with my voice cry'd to the Lord,

with it made my request:

2Pour'd out to him my plaint, to him

my trouble I exprest.

3When in me was o'erwhelm'd my sp'rit,

then well thou knew'st my way;

Where I did walk a snare for me

they privily did lay.


4I look'd on my right hand, and view'd,

but none to know me were;

All refuge failed me, no man

did for my soul take care.

5I cry'd to thee; I said, Thou art

my refuge, Lord, alone;

And in the land of those that live

thou art my portion.


6Because I am brought very low,

attend unto my cry:

Me from my persecutors save,

who stronger are than I.

7From prison bring my soul, that I

thy name may glorify:

The just shall compass me, when thou

with me deal'st bounteously.



The Psalms in Metre