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Psalm 149


[Recommended tunes: Bishopthorpe, Gainsborough]


1Praise ye the Lord: unto him sing

a new song, and his praise

In the assembly of his saints

in sweet psalms do ye raise.

2Let Isr'el in his Maker joy,

and to him praises sing:

Let all that Sion's children are

be joyful in their King.


3O let them unto his great name

give praises in the dance;

Let them with timbrel and with harp

in songs his praise advance.

4For God doth pleasure take in those

that his own people be;

And he with his salvation

the meek will beautify.


5And in his glory excellent

let all his saints rejoice:

Let them to him upon their beds

aloud lift up their voice.

6Let in their mouth aloft be rais'd

the high praise of the Lord,

And let them have in their right hand

a sharp two-edged sword;


7To execute the vengeance due

upon the heathen all,

And make deserved punishment

upon the people fall.

8And ev'n with chains, as pris'ners, bind

their kings that them command;

Yea, and with iron fetters strong,

the nobles of their land.


9On them the judgment to perform

found written in his word:

This honour is to all his saints.

O do ye praise the Lord.



The Psalms in Metre