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Psalm 34


[Recommended tunes: v 1-10 Jackson, Harington, St Thomas; v 11-17 Wiltshire; v 18-22 St David, St Matthew]



A Psalm of David, when he changed his behaviour before Abimelech; who drove him away, and he departed.


1God will I bless all times; his praise

my mouth shall still express.

2My soul shall boast in God: the meek

shall hear with joyfulness.

3Extol the Lord with me, let us

exalt his name together.

4I sought the Lord, he heard, and did

me from all fears deliver.


5They look'd to him, and lighten'd were:

not shamed were their faces.

6This poor man cry'd, God heard, and sav'd

him from all his distresses.

7The angel of the Lord encamps,

and round encompasseth

All those about that do him fear,

and them delivereth.


8O taste and see that God is good:

who trusts in him is bless'd.

9Fear God his saints: none that him fear

shall be with want oppress'd.

10The lions young may hungry be,

and they may lack their food:

But they that truly seek the Lord

shall not lack any good.


11O children, hither do ye come,

and unto me give ear;

I shall you teach to understand

how ye the Lord should fear.

12What man is he that life desires,

to see good would live long?

13Thy lips refrain from speaking guile,

and from ill words thy tongue.


14Depart from ill, do good, seek peace,

pursue it earnestly.

15God's eyes are on the just; his ears

are open to their cry.

16The face of God is set against

those that do wickedly,

That he may quite out from the earth

cut off their memory.


17The righteous cry unto the Lord,

he unto them gives ear;

And they out of their troubles all

by him deliver'd are.

18The Lord is ever nigh to them

that be of broken sp'rit;

To them he safety doth afford

that are in heart contrite.


19The troubles that afflict the just

in number many be;

But yet at length out of them all

the Lord doth set him free.

20He carefully his bones doth keep,

whatever can befall;

That not so much as one of them

can broken be at all.


21Ill shall the wicked slay; laid waste

shall be who hate the just.

22The Lord redeems his servants' souls;

none perish that him trust.



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