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Psalm 6 


First Version (L.M.)


[Recommended tunes: Saxony, Finnart, Soldau]



To the chief Musician on Neginoth upon Sheminith, A Psalm of David.


1Lord, in thy wrath rebuke me not;

Nor in thy hot rage chasten me.

2Lord, pity me, for I am weak:

Heal me, for my bones vexed be.

3My soul is also vexed sore;

But, Lord, how long stay wilt thou make?

4Return, O Lord, my soul set free;

O save me, for thy mercies' sake.


5Because those that deceased are

Of thee shall no remembrance have;

And who is he that will to thee

Give praises lying in the grave?

6I with my groaning weary am,

I also all the night my bed

Have caused for to swim; and I

With tears my couch have watered.


7Mine eye, consum'd with grief, grows old,

Because of all mine enemies.

8Hence from me, wicked workers all;

For God hath heard my weeping cries.

9God hath my supplication heard,

My pray'r received graciously

10Sham'd and sore vex'd be all my foes,

Sham'd and back turned suddenly.



    Second Version (C.M.)


[Recommended tunes: Walsall, St Neot, Dundee ]



1In thy great indignation,

O Lord, rebuke me not;

Nor on me lay thy chast 'ning hand,

in thy displeasure hot.

2Lord, I am weak, therefore on me

have mercy, and me spare:

Heal me, O Lord, because thou know'st

my bones much vexed are.


3My soul is vexed sore: but, Lord,

how long stay wilt thou make?

4Return, Lord, free my soul; and save

me, for thy mercies' sake.

5Because of thee in death there shall

no more remembrance be:

Of those that in the grave do lie,

who shall give thanks to thee?


6I with my groaning weary am,

and all the night my bed

I caused for to swim; with tears

my couch I watered.

7By reason of my vexing grief,

mine eye consumed is;

It waxeth old, because of all

that be mine enemies.


8But now, depart from me all ye

that work iniquity:

For why? the Lord hath heard my voice,

when I did mourn and cry.

9Unto my supplication

the Lord did hearing give:

When I to him my prayer make,

the Lord will it receive.


10Let all be sham'd and troubled sore,

That en'mies are to me;

Let them turn back, and suddenly

ashamed let them be.


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