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Psalm 62


[Recommended tunes: v 1-8 St Lawrence, Howard; v 9-12 Glasgow, Psalm 107]



To the chief Musician, to Jeduthun, A Psalm of David.


1My soul with expectation

depends on God indeed;

My strength and my salvation doth

from him alone proceed.

2He only my salvation is,

and my strong rock is he:

He only is my sure defence;

much mov'd I shall not be.


3How long will ye against a man

plot mischief? ye shall all

Be slain; ye as a tott'ring fence

shall be, and bowing wall.

4They only plot to cast him down

from his excellency:

They joy in lies; with mouth they bless,

but they curse inwardly.


5My soul, wait thou with patience

upon thy God alone;

On him dependeth all my hope

and expectation.

6He only my salvation is,

and my strong rock is he;

He only is my sure defence:

I shall not moved be.


7In God my glory placed is,

and my salvation sure;

In God the rock is of my strength,

my refuge most secure.

8Ye people, place your confidence

in him continually;

Before him pour ye out your heart:

God is our refuge high.


9Surely mean men are vanity,

and great men are a lie;

In balance laid, they wholly are

more light than vanity.

10Trust ye not in oppression,

in robb'ry be not vain;

On wealth set not your hearts, when as

increased is your gain.


11God hath it spoken once to me,

yea, this I heard again,

That power to Almighty God

alone doth appertain.

12Yea, mercy also unto thee

belongs, O Lord, alone:

For thou according to his work

rewardest ev'ry one.



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