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Psalm 77


[Recommended tunes: v 1-4 St Neot, St Mary; v 5-12 Stracathro, Ayrshire; 
v 13-20 Montrose, Weymouth]


To the chief Musician, to Jeduthun, A Psalm of Asaph.


1Unto the Lord I with my voice,

I unto God did cry;

Ev'n with my voice, and unto me

his ear he did apply.

2I in my trouble sought the Lord,

my sore by night did run,

And ceased not; my grieved soul

did consolation shun.


3I to remembrance God did call,

yet trouble did remain;

And overwhelm'd my spirit was,

whilst I did sore complain.

4Mine eyes, debarr'd from rest and sleep,

thou makest still to wake;

My trouble is so great that I

unable am to speak.


5The days of old to mind I call'd,

and oft did think upon

The times and ages that are past

full many years agone.

6By night my song I call to mind,

and commune with my heart;

My sp'rit did carefully enquire

how I might ease my smart.


7For ever will the Lord cast off,

and gracious be no more?

8For ever is his mercy gone?

fails his word evermore?

9Is't true that to be gracious

the Lord forgotten hath?

And that his tender mercies he

hath shut up in his wrath?


10Then did I say, That surely this

is mine infirmity:

I'll mind the years of the right hand

of him that is most High.

11Yea, I remember will the works

performed by the Lord:

The wonders done of old by thee

I surely will record.


12I also will of all thy works

my meditation make;

And of thy doings to discourse

great pleasure I will take.

13O God, thy way most holy is

within thy sanctuary;

And what god is so great in pow'r

as is our God most high?


14Thou art the God that wonders do'st

by thy right hand most strong:

Thy mighty pow'r thou hast declar'd

the nations among.

15To thine own people with thine arm

thou didst redemption bring;

To Jacob's sons, and to the tribes

of Joseph that do spring.


16The waters, Lord, perceived thee,

the waters saw thee well;

And they for fear aside did flee;

the depths on trembling fell.

17The clouds in water forth were pour'd,

sound loudly did the sky;

And swiftly through the world abroad

thine arrows fierce did fly.


18Thy thunder's voice alongst the heav'n

a mighty noise did make;

By lightnings lighten'd was the world,

th' earth tremble did and shake.

19Thy way is in the sea, and in

the waters great thy path;

Yet are thy footsteps hid, O Lord;

none knowledge thereof hath.


20Thy people thou didst safely lead,

like to a flock of sheep;

By Moses' hand and Aaron's thou

didst them conduct and keep.


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