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        Human Relations and Family Life



Martin Luther

On Education



John Knox

Of Women in Politics



John Calvin

Jacob's trial; guidance for young men and women



Thomas Goodwin

The Covenant Seed



Samuel Rutherford

Letter to the parishioners of Anwoth



John Owen

Infant Baptism


Of Marrying after Divorce in Case of Adultery


On Brotherly Love



Thomas Watson

Evil Company



John Flavel

Infant Baptism and the Covenant of Grace



Westminster Assembly of Divines

Of Marriage and Divorce (Confession of Faith, chapter 24)


Larger Catechism, questions 123-133


Shorter Catechism, questions 63-66



Thomas Boston

Of the Fifth Commandment (duties of husbands and wives)


Of the Seventh Commandment (preserving chastity)



Matthew Henry

Keeping the distinction between man and woman


On Ruth the Moabitess


Commentary on Psalm 128  



John Brown of Haddington

Reflections on Ruth



Charles Bridges

On Government and Politics


On the Training of Children



John Paton

His translation of the Tannese Chiefsí urgent letter to the Governor of Sydney  



Website author

Marriage in Australia


Christian Clothing - Scripture Standards for Dress and Conduct


                                                                                (PDF version here)