Last updated: Monday, 15 April 2013

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Are All Religions Equal? 


Some think it enough, if people have a religion; and if they be sincere in it, they conclude, that they shall certainly be saved; no matter of what kind the religion is. This discovers the lowest abyss of mental stupidity, and an utter ignorance of the nature of God and virtue. Is there not a difference in things themselves? Will poison nourish the body, like wholesome food? Will a spell or a charm heal diseases, like an efficacious medicine? Will darkness serve to show a traveller his way, as well as light? If a man sets out on a journey and advances with diligence, does it not matter, whether he be on the right road? Is there no difference between truth and error, between verity and falsehood, between right and wrong? Can the infinitely wise God be pleased with a religion, full of ridiculous absurdities? Can a holy God be delighted with an homage, which does not proceed from holy dispositions, and which has no tendency to produce them? Can a righteous God ever accept services which give no honour to his rectitude; but on the contrary, trample it under foot? Can a good and gracious God look with approbation on a ritual, sanguinary [i.e., bloodthirsty] in its nature, and nourishing the seeds of enmity and revenge, and where there is not a spark of benevolence, or love to God, and love to man? If after this, a person will still maintain, that it matters not what a man's religion is, provided he be sincere, to argue with him is to lose both time and labour.


David Bogue


(Taken from "Objections Against a Mission to the Heathen, Stated and Considered",

a sermon preached at Tottenham Court Chapel, before the founders of the Missionary Society, 1795.)