Last updated: Tuesday, 30 July 2013

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Christian Clothing: Scripture Standards for Dress and Conduct



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Decency: A Timeless Dress Code                 © S J Tanner

From the introduction Ė

"This book is a call to action. Heads of families, community leaders and private individuals are here encouraged to address and counter the decline of moral standards in Australia and throughout the Western world. To equip them for the task, some much neglected principles for decent clothing and conduct in civilised society are presented in these pages. Also provided throughout are thought-provoking quotations and helpful guidelines drawn from various eras and nationalities.

"Whether we consider immodest dress and behaviour, online obscenity or immoral public advertisements (whose purveyors should be held to account), it is clear that societyís moral foundations are being undermined. A right understanding of the root cause of these curses is essential to our effective countering of them; and who can deny that they are the due requital for the malicious erosion of our precious national heritage, that ancient bedrock of Scripture truth?"