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Psalm 108


[Recommended tunes: University, St Asaph]


A Song or Psalm of David.


1My heart is fix'd, Lord; I will sing,

and with my glory praise.

2Awake up psaltery and harp;

myself I'll early raise.

3I'll praise thee 'mong the people, Lord;

'mong nations sing will I:

4For above heav'n thy mercy's great,

thy truth doth reach the sky.


5Be thou above the heavens, Lord,

exalted gloriously;

Thy glory all the earth above

be lifted up on high.

6That those who thy beloved are

delivered may be,

O do thou save with thy right hand,

and answer give to me.


7God in his holiness hath said,

Herein I will take pleasure;

Shechem I will divide, and forth

will Succoth's valley measure.

8Gilead I claim as mine by right;

Manasseh mine shall be;

Ephraim is of my head the strength;

Judah gives laws for me;


9Moab's my washing-pot; my shoe

I'll over Edom throw;

Over the land of Palestine

I will in triumph go.

10O who is he will bring me to

the city fortify'd?

O who is he that to the land

of Edom will me guide?


11O God, thou who hadst cast us off,

this thing wilt thou not do?

And wilt not thou, ev'n thou, O God,

forth with our armies go?

12Do thou from trouble give us help,

for helpless is man's aid.

13Through God we shall do valiantly;

our foes he shall down tread.




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